About myself

Joining the industry:



I picked up my first video game at 4 - thanks to my father's interest for computing. This interest quickly became mine and I spent most of my early childhood playing games on PC-DOS, GameBoy and NES. However, working in the video game industry always rang like an impossible dream in the same way as becoming an astronaut or a fighter pilot would.

I finally took my chance after graduating in Economics - preferring a career of passion. I inquired about the industry, prepared for the entrance examination of the top video game school of France, and graduated after several years of intensive work.

The childhood dream actually became a reality, and since then I dedicate myself creating unique experiences to inspire new generations in the same way my father did.

I mainly watch thriller, drama and animation movies while my tastes regarding TV series are way wider:



My preferences regarding litterature go to heroic fantasy and classic sci-fi novels - including Frank Herbert and Philip K. Dick:



Mainly hard rock, metal and soundtracks from video games and movies:



I practiced Aikido for years - but now focus on bouldering and hiking all around the Bay! 



As any Designers, I test as many games as possible. I however admit having a personal preference for adventure and tactical games.



Career objectives:


I fell in love with Game Design during my first months at Supinfogame, and I decided to specialize myself in this discipline without any doubt. I especially enjoy conceiving high-level systems interacting with each others, and seeing this synergy finally taking place in-game.

Over my career, I have also acquired scripting skills. These skills have improved my ability to convey ideas to Engineers, to better understand the technical restrictions they face - but also to get my hands dirty as well by creating tools for the Design team, and developing my own prototypes.

Cultivating a versatile profile has been extremely useful during the development of multiple projects, and I enjoy improving the workflow between the different departments. This is the reason why I wish to continue specializing myself in a role appealing to both creative and technical skills.

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