Professional experience




Career path:


Ubisoft San Francisco

     Senior Game Designer on an unannounced project
     Game Designer on South Park: The Fractured But Whole

 June 16

Ubisoft Ivory Tower

     Game Feature Designer on The Crew 2
     Mission Designer on The Crew and its expansion Wildrun

 Feb. 13

Freelance Game Designer

     Consultant for Facebook, iOS and Android applications
     Indie Game Designer for Android applications
     Mission Scripter at Kylotonn Games for Hunter's Trophy 2

 Apr. 11

Gameloft Madrid

     Game & Level Designer on Blitz Brigade
     Game Designer on an unannounced project

 Aug. 10

Hydravision Entertainment

     Game Designer on  The X Factor
     Game Designer on  Dungeon Twister
     Level Designer on  Aladdin Magic Racer

 June 09
 Sept. 08

Nanyang Polytechnic

     Game Designer for Flash educational games
     Game Designer for sports 

 Aug. 08
 Jan. 07

93ème Régiment d'Artillerie de Montagne

     Reserved private first class as Alpine Hunter: French elite infantry
     trained to operate in mountainous 
terrain and in urban warfare

 Sept. 05




"I worked closely with Kevin on South Park: The Fractured but Whole. Our focus was combat and related systems. He prototyped, iterated on, and polished several of the more complex combats in the game and I was very impressed by how they turned out. This speaks to both his design acumen as well as his ability to implement his designs. Kevin is a passionate designer who is always working to increase his knowledge and add tools to his kit. He’s also very technically skilled – I often sought his advice when debugging complex scripting or when trying to improve processes in the editor/engine. He is also active in company culture and very knowledgeable about the industry in general. He’s rock solid dependable as well. I would not hesitate to recommend him and I would love to work with him again."
Brian BARTRAM, formerly Senior Systems Designer at Ubisoft San Francisco


Recommended by
Herve GENGLER, formerly Senior Game Designer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower


Recommended by
François COULON, formerly Executive Producer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower


"Kevin is a very good professional. He has a great knowledge of the industry and works really well in all the aspects of the game. Expect solid results from any task, from creating fresh ideas and concepts to delivering high standard documentation."
Alejandro ARQUE GALLARDO, formerly Senior Game Designer at Gameloft Madrid


Recommended by
Benjamin ORTIZ, formerly Lead Game Designer at Hydravision Entertainment


"We went through some long crunch time with Kevin. His spirit, humour and determination helped the entire team to overcome our project hardest moments. All along the time spent together, Kevin helped me overcome technical hurdles and provided me with interesting solutions for new and more efficient design. Also, I've rarely met someone capable of providing such rigourous, detailed and structured design documents. Finally, a word on his learning abilities. In a few months time he went from scripting newbie to scripting guru on the project! His capacity to adapt to all type of working conditions made him an essential asset to our team!"
Andrea DI STEFANO, formerly Lead Game Designer at Supinfogame